Let’s be honest here, most waitstaffs are horrible. If you have a problem with that, maybe its because you actually suck at your job. It’s rare that you go to a place and you receive great service. Good service is extremely underrated. We don’t want to hear your constant bitching on how much people tip you and we certainly don’t care if your job sucks (Maybe you should think about going into another field). Provide great service and maybe, just maybe, people will tip you better.

Now here is the story of Steve. Steve went above and beyond his job description and we certainly noticed it. In return for his great service we wrote an essay to his Boss.


Dear Mr. Pierce,

I’ve been attending this University for 4 years and this is my last semester. I have lived on campus for my entire UConn career and have eaten at the Dining Halls nearly every day for my stay. I have always been impressed by the variety and quality of the food offered on campus. The university has many different choices and having 7 dining halls makes the dining experience much richer than comparable universities in the area.

Despite this lofty praise, today altered my opinion of the dining halls on campus forever as well as my opinion of the administration of the campus as a whole. Today my friend and I went to South Dining Hall right as the doors opened at 7 AM. During the regular school week we have been accustomed to eating omelettes made to order by the fine chefs employed by the dining services. Today, however, we forgot that the omelette bar is not open. Believe it or not, these omelettes are the staple of our mornings, they are what get us up and ready to work for the rest of the day.

As we entered the dining hall we were greeted by a very friendly member of the management staff. We continued through the dining hall and we sparked up a conversation with one of the many welcoming chefs working selflessly to create the copious amounts of food required to feed the growing UConn population. We asked if omelettes were available and the member of Dining Staff truthfully replied that they would not be available until 10:15 AM. Going about our normal routine we acquired the already made southern style scrambled eggs and home fries and took our seats, expecting a usual dining hall experience. However, this was far from a normal dining hall experience.

As we sat at the table thoroughly enjoying the breakfast that dining staff members had carefully prepared, we were approached by the same member of dining services that we spoke with concerning the omelletes. He asked us if we were still interested in the cheese omelettes that we discussed with him previously. We replied positively, but we were not expecting anything to come of that conversation. However, once we had nearly completed our meal, this gentlemen approached with a plate containing two cheese omelettes, and placed them on the table without a word. We immediately stood up in jubilation and thanked the individual and asked him his name. He responded simply and said, “Steve”.

The omelettes were no ordinary omelettes. We uncovered the plate that he placed on the table. Before us rested two of the fluffiest, most cheese engorged omelettes that I personally have ever seen. We viciously devoured the omelettes and could not have been more satisfied. Honestly, they were the best omelettes that I have ever tasted. This is not an exaggeration.

What we are writing to you about, Mr. Pierce is not the quality of the meal that we had this morning. Instead, we wanted to illuminate the selfless and thoughtful acts of one dining service member. “Steve” was not obligated to provide us with omelettes. However, he took time out of his busy morning routine and serviced two students in a manner that went beyond his job description. In a university as large as UConn, it is often easy to feel more like a number than an individual. “Steve” proved this axiom to be untrue. This act of kindness went beyond simply providing sustenance for students; a job that is worthy of admiration in itself. “Steve” proved that there are members of the university staff who genuinely care about students.

Today, we were lucky enough to eat the best meal we have ever had on campus, and quite possibly in our lives. This is all thanks to the personal touch and caring that “Steve” applied to his position at Dining Services. In our humble opinion he exemplifies what every Dining Service employee should be. We believe that despite his uncanny abilities in the culinary arts, he should be reviewed for a management position. This is because he embodies the vision and values that can take that already prestigious Dining Services to a new level. When we are home we are accustomed good home cooked food. Having someone go out of their way and go beyond their job description to make us feel more comfortable is a more admirable quality than we can describe.

This morning “Steve” might have simply made two cheese omelettes but to us that meant much more. As we sat at our table astonished at his act of kindness we decided to send this e-mail to you thanking you and the dining hall staff for not only providing a place for us to eat food but creating an environment in which we truly feel at home.


Yes, Steve did not serve us the perfect Jack and Coke but he did something much more important, he made us feel at home. To this day songs are sung of Steves impeccable omelet making skills. It doesn’t matter if your are the CEO of GE or Steve the Dining Hall Manager, always take pride in your work and provide the best service you possibly can.

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